The softest water-filled punching bag

The softest punching bag

Tailisi water-filled punching bag is the softest punching bag so far.


Real human body’s muscular feeling

The punching feeling is closest to the real human body’s muscular feeling.


Closest to the real human body’s resistance

At the same time, the bag could provide the resistance which is closest to the real human body, this allows the trainer to achieve the best strength training effect.


A real water-filled bag

It is a real water-filled punching bag but not only a punching bag.

When you punching it, the undulation of water is visible to the naked eye.

And you could deeply feel the softness of the water, which no other aqua training bags on the market could do.

Durable, Beautiful and Soft

The world’s unique production seamless technology makes the bag without the common pain point of other Aqua Training Bag in the market:

No mold marks!

No weak points!

and No water leakage after a period of use!

This special seamless technology makes our product more durable and more beautiful.

The high-quality PVC material make the bag durable and soft.

Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

Higher-intensity exercise but less soreness

The property of water could effectively absorb the force of punching or kicking, provides higher-intensity exercise possibilities, and less soreness.