Tailisi rapid-reflex boxing spinning bar is the most clicked products on our website and B2B platforms recent years. A lot of people from worldwide emailed us that they are desperate to order a high-speed reflex bar.

Spinning Rapid-Reflex Bar

Why Tailisi fast response boxing targets be so popular?

Let me show you the product construction of a rapid-reflex boxing spinning bar with a dummy head.

It is constructed of precision bearing, a long swinging arm, a small round target pad, spring-mounted striking ball.


The precision bearing is made of padded stainless steel, high-quality bearing makes the bar a distinct advantage: the long swing bar and the round target pad could move around at 360 degrees at a very fast speed. Though we have encased the swinging bar and round pad with the sponge, EVA, and high-quality PU leather, as fast as you punch, it will come back at you at the same speed and may hurt you. Pls watch out and had better wear a helmet and boxing gloves when you workout. The spring-mounted striking ball is a dense molded foam that makes it ideal for all punches, strikes, and combinations.

Spinning Rapid-Reflex Bar


There are two bases for this product, base A is stable enough for a workout, if you want a more stable base you could choose base B.

Base A could hold about 25kgs water or 38kgs sands;Base B could hold about 60kgs water or 90kgs sands and base B has 12 small suction cups to help it adhere to a smooth surface.

The steel poles are connected by a turn knob, using the turn knob you could adjust the height from 130cm to 190cm.

Spinning Rapid-Reflex Bar  Spinning Rapid-Reflex Bar Spinning Rapid-Reflex BarSpinning Rapid-Reflex Bar


It’s actually a great fast reaction boxing gear. If you want to work on your reflex and speed, this great tool is a good hand-eye coordination gear, it keeps you moving.

It is suitable for both professional trainers and beginners.

For a beginner, you could start from the combo of the jab, block, cross, you could practice your reaction time.

Spinning Rapid-Reflex Bar

For a professional trainer, you could practice the combo of the jab, cross, block, bob, and weave.  Trying to find a chance to punch the head! You will find it is so hard when you start to use it. The swinging bar and round pad will hit you back very quickly and hard, you need to keep your hands up and chin down or bob/ weave/ duck all the way, this is a multiple target gear to practice your offense and defense with high speed, just like a real sparring partner. The multiple targets reduce the predictable than other similar spinning gears on the market.

boxing spinning bar

This is popular fast reaction equipment in the market now, it is fun and if you are a beginner, you could stay far away from the bar just pick it off with your long-range punches. If your purpose is to practice bob, weave, duck, combe, and your reflex time just like a close fight with an opponent, you need to get a little closer to the spinning bar, your head needs to move quickly to avoid attack from the high-speed spinning bar.


It is useful and viable for combat sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, if you have any suggestion on this product, feel free to contact us with the contact form.