Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

The water-filled punching bag is great training equipment for combat sports and fitness, but do you know how to choose the best one?

In the process of use, the consumer’s trouble is often that the water leaks after a period of use or the water-filled bag broke from the mold marks, so an aqua bag that can withstand a violent impact test is your best bet


Tailisi boxing water punch bag is a seamless aqua bag, it without any mold marks on the bag body and is equipped with a unique screw plug with an inflator.

It could be filled with some water and inflate air for the rest at the same time, the embedded screw plug could make sure the sealing property of the bag and won’t pop out when suffering from the powerful punch.


Check from the following video you will know what is the best boxing water bag.