Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

The water-filled punching bag is great training equipment for combat sports and fitness, but do you know how to choose the best one?

First, you need to know what are you to look for. Below is the advantage of Tailisi water punching bag reference.

Empty water-filled bag

Easy to store and carry

Empty water punching bags are easy to store and carry. It greatly reduces transportation costs.


Weight Adjustable

The weight of the bag can be easily adjusted. If the water bag is half full, it will be lighter and flipped over, and the water inside will rebound, causing the bag to swing more. If you want to train your striking strength, fill the bag full, the high density of water, and the role of gravity makes the water bag swing less. When you punch it with full power, it doesn’t rock around and remains stable, no need to worry the bag will taking others out, make you get more strikes during your workout, it won’t disrupt the training sessions.


More natural feel

A more natural feel, the fighters will find the natural feel of a water-filled punching bag after using it. The rebound of the effluent in the water bag definitely closer to reality. The rebound of its energetic punching bag is more natural.

Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

More space, more angle to work on

The unique teardrop/ pill shaped means more space to work on, any angle is available and allows you to deliver powerful combinations, including straight, jab, left hook, right hook, uppercut, swing, and high kicks.


Safer to use/ Provides higher-intensity exercise possibilities

The filling water can effectively absorb the force of punching or kicking, making it possible to train harder and longer. Even if punching/kicking the water bag with full power, it will not hurt the knuckles and joints. Compared with traditional sandbags, this bag provides higher-intensity exercise possibilities, your triceps, shoulders and other upper body muscles have much less soreness.

Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

No hard spots

The water bag has no hard spots, punch it just feels like you are hitting a real person. Users review this bag is like a combo of cardio and weight training all in one. while being safer, allowing users to hit with all their strength and achieve effective strength training effects, it is worth for every professional fighter, especially for those fighters train full time.


Friendly for all levels of athletes

The aqua training bag is friendly for all levels of athletes, allow either beginners or experienced fighters to improve their skills. It could be used at the gym, your home, or your garden.



High-quality PVC composition will ensure durability and a more real touch sense.

Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag Camouflage red Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2 Seamless Aqua Training Bag Teardrop water bag 2

Seamless, no mold marks, no weak points, and no water leakage

Seamless water bag, no mold marks, and weak points, you won’t have a problem with water leakage after a period of use, special production technology and process make the product more beautiful and more durable.


Tailisi Seamless Water-filled training bag will be coming, if you have any interests in this new item, feel free to contact us!