High-Quality Seamless Inflatable Aqua Bag (Water-Filled Punching ball) China Manufacturer

Aqua bag is an innovative boxing bag for fighters in these two years, it is also called water-filled punching bag, boxing water bag, boxing heavy bag, teardrop punching bag, slip bag, bullet bag. It’s absolutely different from traditional sandbags.

The boxers review it as an ideal punching bag for all-level boxers, both beginner and pros.

It could be used anywhere, living room, patio, basement, gym, boxing club, etc., and it could be used for boxing, kicking boxing, fitness, mixed martial arts.

This water-filled punching bag not only could be used to train the combo of jab, cross, uppercut, hook, and straight punches, but also workable for all kinds of kicks.

Tailisi Aqua boxing bag is good for a variety of tactical actions, such as slip, duck, drop, bob and weave, you could use it to practice both defense and offense, it will improve your power, tactical skills.

The water inside the bag makes the punch sensation similar to the human body and absorbs most of the power but also gives you a resistance back, it is more friendly for the combat sports trainee than a traditional sandbag.