Project Description

Aqua bag is also known as a water-filled punching bag, slip bag, headhunter bag, teardrop bag, bullet bag, water boxing bag, polyform buoy bag.

Free-Standing Boxing Bag- Heavy

Item No.:TLS-E


Tailisi 18 inch 120 lb Teardrop Heavy aqua punching bag

Item No.:TLS-LT02

Color: Black,Red,Blue,Yellow,marbleized

Material:  PVC;

Filled Weight: 120 lbs. / 54.4 kgs

Filled Size: Dia.x H.: 45.72m*59cm

N.W:3.82kg / G.W: 4.4kgs.

Shipping Dimensions: 70cm x 21cm x 20cm

Total CBM(0.0294m³)

Loading Quantity:
20’FT: 918 SETS
40’FT: 1908 SETS
40’HQ: 2245 SETS

Tailisi 18 inch 120 lb Teardrop Heavy aqua punching bag

Tailisi 18 inches aqua bag is absolutely a heavy punch bag, it fills up to 120 pounds (54.4kgs), is more for advanced practitioners who want to really focus on their power.

It is almost double the size and weight of 15 inches bag, between the 18 inches bag and the 15 inches bag is that your punches may be thrown a little bit wider because the diameter of the aqua bag is 18inches (45cm).

It handles punches better and doesn’t sway as much when you hit it, more stable bag after punches make a highly effective strength training.

No doubt about it, this heavy aqua bag is also seamless, it is different from the traditional punching bag which has a seam in the middle that goes horizontally across the bag, the seamless aqua bag will make the bag more durable, no need to worried about the bag will have some tiny holes within the seam to cause the water leaking after using for a period of time.

More beautiful and more comfortable when you throw punches on it.

Tailisi water-filled training bag is equipped with a unique screw plug with an inflator, it could be filled with water and inflate air at the same time, the embedded screw plug could make sure the sealing property of the bag and it won’t pop out when suffering from the powerful punch.

Tailisi Seamless Water-Filled Punching Bag is durable fight equipment for strength training and fitness!

If you have the experience of workout with an aqua bag, you will know it is a unique feeling, the actual water allows for your punches to sink in more, and the feeling is just like you punch on an actual human body, it has a more realistic feel and a softer consistency.

The water will absorb the power from your punches or kicks a lot better than that from traditional bags, there is much less repercussion to the fighter or the fighter’s joints.

Punch is a lot easier, especially if you have tendonitis on your elbow, ailment in your arms, shoulders, and hands. It is a healthier boxing target for all people.

Allows you to rain down shots, throw uppercuts, hooks, straight punches, and a variety of angles, do kicks, knees, elbows on this bag, it performs much better than a traditional boxing bag.

Tailisi 18 inch 120 lb Teardrop Heavy aqua punching bag