Project Description

Deodorant Spray is also known as odor eliminator spray. We found that various odors that can’t be driven away, because most of odor eliminator spray covered up the odor but not eliminate them. With Tailisi deodorizing spray, odors can be solved in 2 seconds, because our deodorants contain effective antibacterial ingredients, they can kill odor-causing bacteria from the root.

Deodorant spray

With Tailisi deodorizing spray, odors can be solved in 2 seconds, so you will not hesitate to take off your shoes, will not worry about the odor that caused by your pets, your car and toilet will come in a refreshing air instantly, and you could spray it on your odor clothing, socks, shoes and sports gears.

Features of Product

1. Deodorant spary is safe, non-toxic and side effect, non-irritating to human skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract and eyes;
2. Deodorant spray is non-volatile, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive, and can be directly sprayed on objects,it could be used in extremely closed operating spaces, safe and without side effects;
3. Efficient deodorization, can effectively remove most of the odor generated in home life, the deodorization effect is complete, the odor is no longer revived, and the air is fresh.
4. The composition of the spray is easy to biodegrade, non-toxic, the residue will not cause harm to the human body. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly deodorization spray.
5. Deodorizing Spray can be used to deodorize fabrics, kitchens, toilets, pets, cars, food factories, sewage treatment plants and other objects.
6. 2 seconds instant deodorization
7. Kill the odor-producing bacteria and solve the odor source from the root instead of covering with the aroma.
8. Deodorant Spray contains effective bactericidal ingredients, which has a significant inhibitory effect on the proliferation of various bacteria and viruses.


1. Pet odor from the bacteria on pets;
2. Spray on clean apparel, shoes, socks, sportswear, could prevent the odor which caused after exercise. Spraying our deodorant spray after sweat odor has been generated, it’s also could effectively remove odor.
3. Odor residue of infant and young excreta
4. Toilet bad smell.
5. Odors in the kitchen.
6. Smoking odor.
7. Compartment odor.

Deodorant spray

Color: slighty milky

Ingredient: Zinc,water,

Specification: 15ml, 100ml

Packed in color box.
BAG CARTON: 46*46*165MM

N.W:100g G.W:145.5g
Loading Quantity:
20’FT: About 80,000 bottle

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