We all know that the price of a product has a lot to do with the amount of purchase quantity. If 1 or 2 sets, there is a unified retail price. For more quantities,pls advise first and we will apply for a corresponding wholesale price for you.

If you wanna buy a small quantity you have to consider the courier charge.Because most of our products have a relatively large volume,the courier companies calculate the charge in according to the product’s volume weight, the formula for calculating the volume weight as follows :

(LxWxH) in cm / 5000=volume weight in KG

Refer to the《Attached List B: Size,Weight,CBM & the lowest courier charge/kg》 to calculate the courier cost by yourself.

We don’t have the request of MOQ, because most of our products have a relatively large volume,the courier companies calculate the charge in according to the product’s volume weight, the courier charge is much higher than the goods value,so we don’t suggest the customer to buy 1 or 2 pieces from China,if you think the cost is acceptable,we are pleased to provide service.

If you have a shipping agent /logistic could help you to ship our product to your country,that would be good,you only need to pay a little money for the inland courier charge within China,we will arrange the courier and send the goods to your shipping agent/logistic,in this way,the cost will be more cheap than international express.

You could check the product details on our website,we have stated the detail loading quantities for different size container.

For normal sample,1-2 weeks is enough,if the sample need to create a new mold,there will be 1-2 months.

In general,the goods will be ready in 10-15 days after receiving the deposit.

Yes,we could print your logo on the products,if your order quantity reach to 40 sets,you could enjoy this service by free,if not,you need to pay a little charge for it.

I think the reason for us to buy some products should not be cheap price. We wanna buy something because they are useful to us,could meet some of our needs. For example, you buy punching dummy because you want to train your fighting skill and strength your power.

Comparing with the similar products on the market,most of them couldn’t provide a   resistance come back to your punching/kicking,you couldn’t strength your power with them,but our punching dummy has this function,you could have a good power training with it. It has good quality and durable for long-term training.

After hitting by iron sticks and rolling by truck,we could found it rebound very fast and without any deformation.High quality products that you deserve!

Our punching dummy has three features as follows:

a.High-elastic simulated“skin”,its thickness reach to 4-5mm, make the dummy’s skin closer to the real touch of human skin and make the dummy more toughness and more strength.

b.High-density urethane foam fill a solid dummy,1:1 full size human body simulation design makes training movements more accurate;the dummy hardness is close to real human body makes the training effect more significant。(The using feeling of some similar products on the market is empty, when bearing the strength of punch/kick, they couldn’t provide a resistance, can’t reach the power training effect of real sparring partner).

c.Between the base and the dummy body, there has a rubber middle section, this rubber section has a buffer effect during the training,it will make the dummy’s swing more like the human’s waist activity, just like a real sparring partner.

Our punching dummy is a high toughness, fast rebound, and high-temperature resistance products for a long-term training.Using our punching dummy,you could perfect your fighting skills very quickly and has a more significant effect on power training.

Tailisi Boxing Bag is different from the similar products on the market, our boxing bag neither filled with sands nor filled with normal sponge, it is filled with high rebound & high-density pearl cotton and sponge, you can kick/punch our punching bags bare hands and without hurting the hands, shin, or feet due to the absence of hard spots formed by sand. Because it is made of high elasticity &  high-density material in a whole piece, which simulates the hardness of the real human body, it has a good muscle feeling and durable, after a long-term training it still could rebound quickly and does not deform.

Tailisi Punching Bag is a fast rebound, durable and non-deformation gear to strength your power and train your fighting skill.

The spinning rapid-reflex bar is a multi-functional training gear for combat sports, Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Art, Muay Thai, Karate and more. With this gear, you can improve the punching speed, precision, slipping, blocking, bob and defense, jabs, power punches, combinations, and more. It is funny because it will hit you back very quickly, you need to keep your hands up and chin down all the way.

Our strike pad & strike mitts has a unique contoured shape, it is a dummy head, with a very strong sense of the standard, accuracy, muscle sense and practical sense. You could perfect your fighting skills,such as punches,uppercuts, hooks, etc.

Using these pads and mitts, the impact from the punches are naturally dispersed, not absorbed by the joints, they promote safety for the athletes. The pad and mitt are mainly made of rubber skin and filled with high elastic urethane foaming, protection and durable for professional training.

Speedball is an excellent training gear for combat sports: Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Art, Muay Thai, Karate and more. The speed bag helps a fighter develop better eye-hand coordination, timing, and speed. When it is used correctly, it can also help improve a fighter’s sense of rhythm and it encourages a fighter to keep his or her hands up consistently.

It is constructed of padded stainless steel and the spring-mounted striking ball, the speedball with a dense molded foam that makes them ideal for all punches, strikes, and combinations. It is suitable for athletes of all sizes and skill levels. Both professional gym or home use works.