The ubiquitous microbial population contains a variety of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, that endanger human health. Humans and pathogens are in a constantly changing game of offensive and defensive, and pathogens are always looking for opportunities to multiply, such as producing a series of stinks in sweat, infecting humans or animals from the broken skin, mucous membranes, respiratory tract, and eyes. Mr. Wu is a martial arts coach, based on his infinite love for martial arts sport, Mr. Wu established this sports equipment company which mainly producing boxing equipment. Considering the increasing demand for anti-bacterial function for sports equipment, he invested in the cutting-edge anti-bacterial technology field and made a major breakthrough.

Compared to the traditional antibacterial methods, such as thermal sterilization, filter sterilization, irradiation sterilization, and chemical sterilization, Tailisi antibacterial products are using Antibiotic-Free Antibacterial Strategies: Nanomaterials antibacterial. This is a physically antibacterial method.

Scientists found that the wings of dragonflies and cicadas are covered in nanopillars, this natural structure could prevent bacterial growth. When bacteria come into contact with the nanopillars surfaces, their cell membranes are physically ripped bacteria apart immediately and they are killed.

Antibacterial Products

This phenomenon is called physically antibacterial, the above is the antibacterial principles of our products, our antibacterial products do not contain chemicals which are not recognized as safe and effective and won’t lead to bacterial resistance and environmental contamination if used extensively, and our products could help us to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases from contact with surfaces. Especially for athletes, our antibacterial products can protect them from the threat of pathogen infection, improve their sports experience, and no longer be affected by various malodors caused by bacterial reproduction, such as the odor of shoes and socks, sports gloves Stink, the sweat smell of clothing, etc.