We are a manufacturer of combat gears,we mainly focus on R&D,our products could improve the fighting effect quickly.

Our products including punching dummy, boxing bag, rapid reflex trainer,speed ball and various quick response equipments.

Thanks to the owner of the company, he used to be a boxing coach before,so we pay more attention to develop the products’ functionality,mainly reflected in the following three points:Tailisi Comany

  • How to make the product have the best training effect?
  • How to ensure the quality of the product?
  • How to guarantee the durable of the product?

We dare to say that our products have a world-class quality!

Our punching dummy has three features as follows:
a.High-elastic simulated “skin”,its thickness reach to 4-5mm,make the dummy’s skin closer to the real touch of humman skin and make the dummy more toughness and more strength.

b.High-density urethane foam filled a solid dummy,1:1 full size human body simulation design makes training movements more accurate;the dummy hardness is close to real human body makes the training effect more significant。(The using feeling of some similar products on the market is empty, when bearing the strength of punch/kick, they couldn’t provide a resistance, can’t reach the power training effect of real sparring partner).

c.Between the base and the dummy body there has a rubber middle section,this rubber section has a buffer effect during the training,it will make the dummy’s swing more like the human’s waist activity,just like a real sparring partner.

Our punching dummy is a high toughness,fast rebound and high temperature resistance products for a long-term training.

Our boxing bag also different from other well-known brands’ products,our punching bag neither filled with sands nor filled with normal sponge,it is filled with high rebound & high density pearl cotton and sponge, you can kick/punch our punching bags bare hands and without hurting the hands, shin, or feet due to the absence of hard spots formed by sand.Because it is made of high elasticity &  high-density material in a whole piece, which simulates the hardness of the real human body, it has a good muscle feeling and durable,after a long-term training it still could rebound quickly and does not deform.

Tailisi is a reliable and experienced manufacturer that can consistently provide high quality products. We have long-term cooperation with some world leading brand companies, welcome to contact us!

TLS Boxing Packing

Workshop Showing

Punching dummy TLS-H 01


2.Punching-dummy-skin-4-5mm-rubber HEAVY Boxing Punching Bag TLS-O 02


4.Punching-dummy-TLS-H4.Punching dummy TLS-H

5.Punching-dummy-TLS-M5.Punching dummy TLS-M

6.Punching-dummy-TLS-B6.Punching dummy TLS-B

7.Punching-dummy-TLS-A7.Punching dummy TLS-A

8.Punching-dummy-TLS-AA8.Punching dummy TLS-AA

9.Punching dummy TLS-A9.Punching dummy TLS-A


2.Boxing bag-Roll up pearl cotton layer by layer2.Boxing bag-Roll up pearl cotton layer by layer

3.Boxing bag-Roll up pearl cotton layer by layer3.Boxing bag-Roll up pearl cotton layer by layer

4.Boxing bag-wrap the pearl cotton with sponge,add the EVA bottom4.Boxing bag-wrap the pearl cotton with sponge,add the EVA bottom

5.Boxing bag-put the roll up pearl cotton into the sandbag5.Boxing bag-put the roll up pearl cotton into the sandbag

6.Boxing bag-add the EVA cover6.Boxing bag-add the EVA cover

7.Boxing bag-Pull up the zipper7.Boxing bag-Pull up the zipper

8.Boxing bag-clean the boxing bag and put into the plastic bag8.Boxing bag-clean the boxing bag and put into the plastic bag

9.Boxing bag-packed with the carton9.Boxing bag-packed with the carton

1.speed ball-manufacture the rubber ball1.speed ball-manufacture the rubber ball

2.speed ball-filling the ball with high density urethane foaming2.speed ball-filling the ball with high density urethane foaming

3.speed ball-filled with the urethane foaming3.speed ball-filled with the urethane foaming

4.speed ball-filled with the urethane foaming4.speed ball-filled with the urethane foaming

5.speed ball-cut the finished speed ball5.speed ball-cut the finished speed ball

6.speed ball-cleaning6.speed ball-cleaning

7.speed ball-logo in screen printing7.speed ball-logo in screen printing

8.speed ball-logo in screen printing8.speed ball-logo in screen printing

9.speed ball-put into plastic bag9.speed ball-put into plastic bag

10.speed ball-put into plastic bag10.speed ball-put into plastic bag

11.speed ball-put into the bottom of the base11.speed ball-put into the bottom of the base